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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi interact with media after assembly poll results

Sonia Gandhi: Assembly poll results call for deep introspection, will rectify mistakesNew Delhi: Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Sunday said that her party accepts the verdict of the people with all humility and also commented it would retrospect and rectify its mistakes.

While talking to the media on the outcome of the assembly poll results, Sonia Gandhi said, “We are disappointed with the results, but we accept the verdict of the people. We accept it with humility and would like to congratulate our opponents. But, we are still hopeful of Chhattisgarh. The results calls for deep introspection and we will look into the reason for this defeat. We will look if our people are equipped or not, for running in the elections.” “Obviously, the people are unhappy, otherwise they would not have voted against the Congress. But, there were many issues like price rise and inflation which are affecting the people,” added the Congress Presdient.

On Delhi assembly poll results, Sonia Gandhi said, “I believe a great deal of work was done in Delhi, but still the results tell us something else. So, we will try and rectify our mistakes” and also said, “People should not worry about it. At the opportune time, we will declare our prime ministerial candidate.”
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who also was there with Sonia Gandhi, said: “The people have given us a message through these results, and we have carefully listened to their message. The Congress Party has the ability to transform itself, and, stand up to the expectations of the people”.
He also said that political parties are not giving adequate voice to the common man and vowed to aggressively work towards changing the situation in Congress. "I think the AAP involved a lot of people who the traditional political parties did not involve. We are going to learn from that and do a better job than anybody in the country and involve people in ways you cannot even imgine now," Rahul Gandhi said and added, “We would like to congratulate our opponents who have won. We work for the people and it is our duty to listen to them.”

“Sheila Dikshit has worked hard for Delhi and, I believe, she gave good governance to the people. But, I think, we have to move forward than just talking about good governance. We need to move to a paradigm where we should give a serious space to the common man in our system,” said the Congress Vice President.
“I think the major parties have been thinking about politics in a traditional way. But we have to start politics of empowering people. I have been saying this inside the Congress party but now I will do this aggressively in the Congress,” he added. Speaking on the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) impressive debut in New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi commented, “I think AAP has involved a lot people, and I am sure, we can learn very much from them.”

When asked about Modi factor, Rahul Gandhi said, "Modi is leader of the BJP. The Congress has a vision of this country and perspective of this country. The BJP has another perspective. Our job is to push our perspective and that is what we are going to do. "Their job is to push their perspective. My focus is that how can we transform this country, use the power of the youth of the country. What the BJP is doing, that is their concern," the Congress Vice President said.

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