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Monday, August 26, 2013

Sonia Gandhi calls Food Bill historic, says Congress is keeping its promise

New Delhi: Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi while taking part in the debate on historic Food Security Bill in the Parliament requested all the members to pass UPA’s  flagship welfare scheme to provide subsidized food to nearly 70% of population.

While speaking in the Lok Sabha, a determined and confident Sonia Gandhi asserted, “Some people ask whether we have enough resources to successfully implement this bill. But it is not a question of how we find means to implement Food Bill; we have to find the way. The question is not whether we can do it or not;  we have to do it. Some people also ask whether this bill is beneficial for the farmers. I want to underline that we have always given prominence to farmers and agriculture”. 

“We had promised in 2009 that we will bring the Food Security Bill to provide subsidized food grains to the poor and I am happy to say on behalf of my party that we are fulfilling that promise” added Sonia Gandhi. 

She also listed some of the major legislations brought in by the UPA Government and said that the Food Security scheme is the fifth in the raw after the RTI, MNREGA, RTE and Right to Forest Act. “The food Security Bill is thus the fifth in a series of what might be called a right-based approach which provides legal entitlement to the people, puts pressure on the executive to be more responsive and accountable and also puts in place a credible mechanism  to redress grievances. This approach, I believe, will bring in about an empowerment revolution in our country something we are proud to have facilitated”.

 Sonia Gandhi said that our goal must be to wipe out hunger and malnutrition from our country. “This legislation is only the beginning as we move forward we will be more open to constructive suggestions and we will learn from experience” added the Congress President.  “We have today, an opportunity to transform the lives of tens of millions of our people and I believe that we must, together, rise to the occasion, set aside our differences, and a firm act of commitment to their welfare and well-being. It is my fervent hope and humble appeal that we, as the representative of those very people, should convert this Bill into an Act and do so unanimously” concluded Sonia Gandhi.

The Food Security scheme has been championed by Sonia Gandhi and is being seen as the one of the land mark legislation brought in the Centre. The government introduced the Food Security scheme as an ordinance in July which must get the nod of the Parliament before September 6.

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