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Monday, January 28, 2013

Sonia Gandhi: If we work as a unit and in the right direction we will get public mandate again

Congress President Sonia Gandhi while speaking on the last day of the Congress chintan shivir in Jaipur on Sunday said that there was no reason the party should not get public mandate again if it works in the right direction.
"There is only 15 months left for the elections. I am confident, if we work in the right way and are united, there is no reason we should not get public mandate again," Sonia Gandhi said addressing the last day of Congress' 'Chintan Shivir' or introspective meet at the Rajasthan capital.
The Congress President also said that discipline and unity was needed, and also added that party members should publicise the good work done by the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government. "Several states are also going to polls. I think our biggest challenge is to be disciplined and united and present ourselves to people. The victory of the party is the victory of all of us," Sonia Gandhi said.
"We must tell the people of our country about our achievements. The government gives information from its side, but the party organisation should also publicise it," added Sonia Gandhi.
The 'Chintan Shivir' which began on Jan 18 focussed on chalking out a strategy for the 2014 general elections.

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