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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rahul Gandhi: Mayawati, Mulayam stopped going to the people

While addressing an election rally at Meerut as part of his ongoing campaign for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said that it not the political parties but the people of the country bring development. “I do not make hollow promises as my intention is pure, but will promise you only one thing that a government of aam aadmi like we did it at the Centre” he added. Rahul Gandhi said that the 22 years misrule by the non-Congress Governments in UP ruined the country and dragged the state backwards.
“I want the entire country look at Uttar Pradesh and marvel at the developments in the state. I dream for a day when the people from other states come to Uttar Pradesh for better jobs, education and health facilities.” he said to the cheering crowd.
“This is not the question of future of BSP or SP, but it is your future. U.P needs a government that works for all caste, religion, aam aadmi, poor, minorities, dalits and adivasis and only Congress can provide it. The moment you have a Congress Government in Uttar Pradesh, you will start witnessing developments again. Support Congress and elect our candidates,” concluded Rahul Gandhi.

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