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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rahul Gandhi Kaushambi: U.P is my home and I want development here

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi who is leading the campaign for Congress in Uttar Pradesh said that he will not leave the state till the development is back in U.P. Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Kaushambi said that people who have no respect towards the people make toll promises. “I do respect the people and I will not make promises” said Rahul Gandhi.
Rahul Gandhi said that all the Congress ruled states have been surging ahead and assured that a Congress Government in U.P will again put the state of Uttar Pradesh back on the track of development. You will see Rahul Gandhi among the farmers, workers and poor people in the villages till I ensure progress here, declared the Congress General Secretary.
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said that the state of U.P is now his home and he will never leave the state till it is developed. The people of U.P have the strength as well as the knowledge, he said. It is the people who bring development said Rahul Gandhi.

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