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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rahul Gandhi in Meerut asks BJP where was India shining in 2004?

While addressing an election rally at Meerut as part of his ongoing campaign for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said that it not the political parties but the people of the country bring development. “I do not make hollow promises as my intention is pure, but will promise you only one thing that a government of aam aadmi like we did it at the Centre” he added. Rahul Gandhi said that the 22 years misrule by the non-Congress Governments in UP ruined the country and dragged the state backwards.
“Till the leaders go to people and interact with them to realize their issues, the state cannot progress. You see the state of Andhra Pradesh. Congress developed the state in ten years because our leaders went to the people to understand their grievances”, he claimed.
“We made policies like MNREGA, waived-off loans of farmers and now we are in the process of bringing the right to food policy by which every poor is assured of 35 Kg of food grain. When we make these policies Mayawati Ji and the BJP ask us from where will the money come?” he wondered.
“This money is not of BSP, SP, BJP or Congress. This is the money of your sweat and blood. This money is the result of hard work of farmers and labourers. If the country is developing it is because of your efforts, your blood and sweat” said Rahul Gandhi amidst applauds.

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