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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Change is necessary for UP to progress: Rahul Gandhi

Targeting parties like BSP, SP and BJP for indulging in politics of caste, creed and religion while ignoring the development activities, Congress (I) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has said that the development of Uttar Pradesh is long overdue.  This can happen if change is brought about in the government, he said while addressing public meetings for UP Assembly elections 2012. These parties have been alternatively ruling the state for the last twenty two years and looted its money rather than putting it on the development activities.  He pointed out to the audience that the benefits of developmental and welfare schemes are not reaching the poor because ‘an elephant in Lucknow is swallowing all your money.” “Name any scheme or program for development or welfare, the money disappeared and the benefits did not reach the people,” said Rahul Gandhi.  “Mayawati is responsible for rampant corruption in the state” he added, He further said and added that the change is necessary for the state to progress. Highlighting that welfare of the people and development is more important than the personal agenda of these parties, Rahul Gandhi urged the people to vote for chance this time to reverse the situation continuing over the last two decades under these parties. Rahul Gandhi promised that Congress (I) would change the face of the state and the people would see the change for themselves in five years.

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