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Friday, November 4, 2011

Rahul Gandhi campaigning in Jaunpur, Uttar Pardesh

AICC Secretary Rahul Gandhi met prominent Congress leaders and common people of Jaunpur district in Uttar Pradesh to assess the state of development the region has achieved so far. He met the leaders and the party candidates at the local inspection house on Thursday.
Rahul’s latest ‘public’ visit started at Jafrabaad constituency. The Youth Congress icon reached the district’s small colony Lallapur and set a gathering in front of a house. The meeting with the residents led to discussion of benefit people have got from the funds provided by the Centre through various development programmes. The money, as evident from what they have said, has not reached to them. Most of the people there said the welfare programmes haven’t been implemented well.
From here, the Caravan of Rahul moved over to another village Husepur and in a few moments greater gathering emerged. Rahul asked “Why people of Uttar Pradesh who go and enrich Mumbai and Delhi are in such a miserable condition?”
When the crowd proceeded further for the airport, Rahul Gandhi stopped at a shop in Bilawan bazaar. He asked the process of honey and sugar making there. The Gandhi scion enquired whether the bees do not bite them. After that, he had a cup of tea at Sheetla’s shop. The gathering moving ahead stopped under one tree at Ghuru-oo-pur. People interacted with Rahul here and listened to him about civic problems and various development programmes launched to solve those problems.
Earlier, Rahul Gandhi went to Rampur region’s Akra village. In this dalit village, while finding the reality of development he heard many problems from the people there. On such progress-devoid village and their pitiable condition, he said that development should be all-encompassing and sustainable. Development for dalit villages only, is an unfair stand and is unjustified.
Rahul Gandhi was successful in connecting to hearts of the people there through direct and genuine conversation with them. In a few minutes, children, women and the aged overcame their hesitation and told their problems freely and without fear to the young leader. On hearing allegations of not enough cards for the villagers, corruption in allotment of houses under “Indira Awaas Yojna” and mismanagement of funds under MNREGA, Rahul blamed the UP government and said it was responsible for all these issues.
Rahul said in spite of ample funds sanctioned to India’s most populous state, the state is in pitiable condition which shows that the wealth intended for development has been wrongly used by the authorities and the Mayawati government. Rahul told the people that he had come to know their problems and that they have to be aware then only development would be possible.

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